“Continued success with this cookbook.  I have enjoyed your many recipes since childhood from a cookbook my mother originally purchased 35 years ago.  Needless to say, I needed a fresh copy.”                           
                                                Sandra, Randolf, MA
“I was given a copy of Popular Greek Recipes in 1963.  It is being held together with elastics.  I would like to order 2 cookbooks.  
                                                Mary G.,  Illinois
“I married thirty years ago and I learned to cook with your book!  Now my daughter is learning.”
This is a wonderful cookbook.  When we divorced, my husband took custody of the cookbook (9th edition—September 1980).  We have been passing it back and forth for many years!  Please send me a new one.”
“I was recently in Charleston and purchased your book at the Farmers’ Market.  I am purchasing these additional books for friends.  What a great book!
                                                Roanoke, Indiana
“I am 79 and have raised 8 kids and lots of grandkids.  We love your cookbook.  Please send me 6 more books”
                                                Columbus, Ohio
“This is our favorite cookbook and we have been selling this book in our community for over 30 years.  Please ship 50 books.”
                                                Wilmington, Delaware
“Your cookbook sold out at our Hellenic Festival immediately.  You are commended for your hard work, dedication, and success.”
                                                Catherine,  Rhode Island
“I had a copy of your book for all of my life.  We recently had a house fire and I lost everything.  I am lost without it.”
                                                Ronnie,  Rhode Island
“Congratulations on the GREATEST printed cookbook.”
                                                Theone, Delaware
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